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Upcoming exam results…

When I launched in 2017, I had no idea the journey this would lead to. I have now worked with many students (some from overseas) who have become lifelong friends and it is with pride that I see them grow on their journey and help guide them through difficult and challenging experiences. Some of you will now be eagerly waiting for exam results. I will be opening my diary from beginning of September for all new students who wish to register- please do contact me either via my website or through my Fb business page.

📚 Case Study from Angela Greene - Chartered Legal Executive

I have worked in law firms for almost 20 years and my firm agreed to fund my CILEx. As my job involved me working long hours, I found that the only way I was studying was by booking annual leave and leaving myself to cram at the last minute. I was not disciplined enough to have a work/study balance.

When I approached the Level 6 exams, I knew after sitting three of the exams (and failing one) that my approach needed to change. I saw Merinda’s advert on a Facebook website and decided to contact her. I had decided that I was going to sit my last 2 exams together and knew that I would need some help! Merinda was so supportive and helpful and completely changed the way I approached studying and preparing for my exams. Having Merinda on board also meant that I had to stick to the plan of work I had committed to doing that week – I am someone who always procrastinates and puts off studying as there is “always next week”.

Merinda not only gave me useful tools to sit the exams but she was a huge emotional support to me as well, especially when the systems crashed during one of my exams! I managed to pass both exams, one of which was very close to a distinction (the exam which crashed), and a merit for the other, of which only 11 people passed in that sitting.

Without Merinda on my side, I am sure I would have eventually passed the exams, but it would have taken a lot longer and a lot more anguish and stress.

The tools Merinda gave me enabled me to tackle the portfolio using the same approach.

I am now a qualified lawyer, have my annual leave and weekends (residential markets permitting) to myself, and am part of a team where I mentor Paralegals and have become second in command in my team. I am forever grateful to Merinda for getting me there in the timescale I had set out for myself.

Kind regards


Angela Greene

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