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Happy Clients

Would absolutely recommend Merinda for anyone who is stuck in a repetitive cycle of revision or just needs a bit of support! ....really helped me with new methods of learning & has set a realistic revision timetable leading up to my exam.... would definitely use Merinda’s services going forward. 

- Maddie Stone

I have worked in law firms for almost 20 years and my firm agreed to fund my CILEx.  As my job involved me working long hours, I found that the only way I was studying was by booking annual leave and leaving myself to cram at the last minute.  I was not disciplined enough to have a work/study balance.


When I approached the Level 6 exams, I knew after sitting three of the exams (and failing one) that my approach needed to change.  I saw Merinda’s advert on Facebook and decided to contact her.  I had decided that I was going to sit my last 2 exams together and knew that I would need some help! Merinda was so supportive and helpful and completely changed the way I approached studying and preparing for my exams.  Having Merinda on board also meant that I had to stick to the plan of work I had committed to doing that week – I am someone who always procrastinates and puts off studying as there is “always next week”. 


Merinda not only gave me useful tools to sit the exams but she was a huge emotional support to me as well, especially when the systems crashed during one of my exams! I managed to pass both exams, one of which was very close to a distinction (the exam which crashed), and a merit for the other, of which only 11 people passed in that sitting. 


Without Merinda on my side, I am sure I would have passed the exams, but it would have taken a lot longer and a lot more anguish and stress. The tools Merinda gave me enabled me to tackle the portfolio using the same approach.


I am now a qualified lawyer, have my annual leave and weekends (residential markets permitting) to myself, and am part of a team where I mentor Paralegals and have become second in command in my team.  I am forever grateful to Merinda for getting me there in the timescale I had set out for myself.

- Angela Greene, Bristol

Merinda is amazing...not only my mentor I can talk to her about anything... during my CILEX journey Merinda has always been a listening ear to provide guidance and support... before I met Merinda, I did not have a consistent approach to my studying... I now have a weekly plan in place with a procedural way to study and this has benefited me immensely.

- Lucy.M, York

Really helpful and supportive, knows how to encourage people and make them feel better about their situation, Merinda has been a huge pillar of support for me and I can’t fully express fully how glad I am to have her assisting me with my work.

- Joe Mayall

I contacted Merinda in November after failing one of my exams and being really down about it... didn’t have a lot of time to get prepared for the resit. Merinda was quick at preparing me a timetable and getting me back into my revision straight away... If you want a new outlook on your revision or someone to help keep you motivated throughout I would definitely recommend contacting Merinda for some advice I only wish I had done it sooner.​

- Kathryn Johnstone

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