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My name is Merinda Di Rita – Founder of ‘ MD Mentor & Study Services. I am a mum of two, one of whom I also homeschool.... 

Just after my A levels, I worked for a law firm whilst undertaking the Institute of Legal Executive exams.  My studies were always completed by home study whilst working full time in London/Cambridge.  I felt that a hands on experience suited me, however this meant hard work and persistence to make discipline a habit in my every day life.  I had no tutor or lessons… I was left to teach myself and prepare for exams.


In 2006, I then developed my career by going to work for a Top City Law Firm in London (Manches LLP).  I travelled daily leaving the house at 6am and getting home for 7pm.  This was tough as I still had many more exams to accomplish and the bulk of my studies had to be done in the evenings and weekends.  I had such ambition to pass my law exams that failure was not an option…and this has pretty much been the theme throughout my life.  I became very focused and along my learning journey, I developed some very strong study methods. You could say I became obsessed with the methods I had developed because I was seeing a breakthrough in my progress.   

I felt that there was a lot of content to know for these exams, however there was something lacking…. 


Learning how to learn! Many students get overwhelmed.. they see the pile of course material they have to get through but have no idea what study methods to use to best get through it all.  Learning how to plan and structure studies with solid study methods is absolutely key to being successful in exams.  Learning how to learn should be the first thing that is taught… it sometimes is the biggest battle. 


I fell in love with the art of studying so much that I developed a love for mentoring and have never looked back.  I still now use the same methods I did back then to help my students together with new developed methods. 

My Values

I believe every student is unique and we all have different styles of learning.   We all come from different backgrounds and our needs are all different.  Here at MD Mentor & Study Services… every student is treated as an individual and what one student needs may be very different to the next.  

Openess and honesty – I am a firm believer that mentoring only works if I am honest with the student and the student is honest with me.  You cannot build a successful mentor/student relationship without being open and honest.  It is my job to help you succeed so being anything but honest does not sit right with my values.  This may mean hearing something you may not agree with, and this is the beauty of having a good relationship as my main goal is to get you where you want to be in life.  As a mentor, I look at the whole person not just the career. 

Mentoring Services

  • Bespoke timetables based on the students course material

  • One to One weekly Mentoring

  • Weekly Targets

  • Development of Study Methods throughout the course

  • Student Life Balance & Student Wellbeing


All students will also have access to the members area which will include:

  • Study Methods

  • Weekly timetable template that you will use weekly and I will be able to check

  • Revision Methods

  • Essay techniques 

  • Regular updates

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