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My name is Merinda Di Rita – Founder of MD Consultancy and mother of two.

I have a 20 year background working for various law firms and during this time have worked on high net worth cases - including celebrity clients whilst working for City Law Firms - all while studying law myself via distance learning.

During this time, I started mentoring other law students, paralegals and my law career took a very different direction - my passion was clearly for the love of learning the law and for the
success of students.

During my distance learning journey, I developed my own unique learning methods for learning
the law and still use these today which have helped so many students to date in successfully
passing their exams. I have invested many years in the development of learning and how our brain can take in information and how one student can perceive it differently to the other.


I am a firm believer that learning 'how to learn' is the biggest hurdle and I believe this is the first thing that should be taught in all schools. No one learner is the same. I home school my two children and 'learning how to learn' is a session we take part in regularly which also helps to develop problem solving.


I provide a very unique study coaching service that is tailored to each individual student, this consists of a bespoke management plan to get each student to their exam - (every student is different and so the leaning styles I use are different - it has to suit the student), a consistent daily accountability task list with weekly progress calls/ unlimited weekly contact. My students will tell you, I am very persistent in my approach and I have many students who will contact me every day for some sort of support with their studies, work life balance.

The journey I take with every student is an ongoing daily dialogue experiencing their highs and lows of everyday life (not just for a one off exam). I coach each student as a whole and this means being involved with their personal journey, from issues in the workplace, to studying for exams - it is very much a unique service. I am a firm believer that if a student is struggling in one area of their life that they can then become quickly overwhelmed with their studies which is where my coaching comes in. Learning methods can be adapted for each chapter they come
up against in their manuals.


I founded MD Consultancy in 2017 and have loved every minute of it - I am extremely passionate for the success of every student (having studied law via distance learning whilst raising a family, I know first hand how overwhelming studying can be). To date, every single student that I have worked with has excelled and gone onto pass exams and I am so proud of each and everyone one of them! 


I also support students with time management in terms of time recording and file management within the workplace. Coaching employees on developing themselves within the company and building their confidence at the same time.

Image by ian dooley

Business Coaching

I have developed and launched 5 businesses (all within the hospitality sector) - coaching owners and have created marketing strategies and branding whilst working closely with staff and mentoring them for further skills and exams.

Unfortunately, hospitality was one of the most hard hit industries to be in during the pandemic which was extra challenging.

Restaurant Conversion

I worked and dedicated my days to converting an old bank into a restaurant conversion, further developed the business and then worked on the conversion of an old bank into two separate restaurants.


During the launch and rebirth of this business I focused on developing marketing strategies and mentoring employees on customer engagement; as well as dealing with the sales and acquisitions of those premises and completing all planning applications, which was no mean feat when it's a listed building!


I am proud to see that this restaurant is now a number 1 destination in the St. Ives Cambridgeshire area.

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