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How my services can help you...

Since 2018, my coaching and learning methods have empowered countless students to achieve remarkable success.  With exam results pending, I have had many enquiries to register for my one to one coaching. My strong background working within the legal profession for many years has given me a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the struggles within the office whilst studying. I absolutely love my job... it is my passion to see you succeed.

🌟 Success Stories that Speak Volumes:

Meet Lucy, who transformed her study habits and saw a massive improvement in her exam scores with a systemised approach. Lucy has now graduated and still remains a longstanding client of mine. Lucy is determined in all aspects of her life and career and I have loved watching her grow.


Or Bailey who has recently discovered my strategies and has now completely changed her outlook on learning.  A hard working committed student who thrives with accountability targets. 

These are just a few examples of the countless success stories that highlight the effectiveness of my approach.

📚 Evidence-Based Learning Methods:

I do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, I tailor my approach to each student's unique learning style and goals. My evidence-based methods, not only enhance comprehension but also promote long-term retention and mastery of complex concepts.  I have many learning tools in my toolkit. My accountability can be quite intense at times, however it gets the results needed. 

🔍 Continuous Improvement for Maximum Impact:

Since 2018, I have been dedicated to continuous improvement, constantly refining my coaching methods and learning materials to ensure maximum impact. My commitment to staying at the forefront of educational innovation has led to partnerships with leading experts and institutions, allowing me to offer cutting-edge strategies that deliver results.

🗣️ Work with me:

For one to one accountability and coaching, please do contact me direct.  I like to work with students on a bespoke basis.  It is important for me to learn about you. As a life coach, I am here to support you not only in your study journey but also through the ups and downs of every day life. I am blessed to have worked with so many students that have become friends! I am also now branching out in my level 5 psychotherapy counselling qualifications which will be a great addition to MD Consultancy.  I am excited to offer this service to everyone soon. 

📈 Track Your Progress, Celebrate Your Achievements:

With weekly accountability and monthly management calls, we can keep on top of your developments and track progress as we go.  It is so important to be ahead of the game.  This helps with exam anxiety and panic.  It is important not to leave things until the last minute with any exam planning. 

I also offer my Student Toolkit which I launched at the beginning of this year. This is there to provide a structure from the very outset of your learning journey.  This is included in my monthly accountability package or as a one off payment of £17.50 (with no coaching).  Available through my website. This can also be used as a digital wellbeing planner.

Merinda Di Rita


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