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Four important study tips to ace these exams!

Personal qualities matter. Do you have determination, dedication, attention to detail and as far as you are concerned, failure is not an option? Law exams are not easy, however it all starts with you. How much do you actually want this? Ok, so I assume that you want to flourish in these exams and you are already imagining the celebration at graduation when all your efforts have finally paid off! The tips below are so important and if you can master them then you will totally smash these exams and any future goals. It is so important that these methods are implemented from the very start!

1. Immerse yourself in the law

Get really involved with the area of law you are studying. Think outside the box! Listen to podcasts, read blogs, articles and research the area. Really get involved in the area. Examiners can really see the difference in a student who has memorised black and white text to one that has become 'an expert' in the area they are studying as they are able to apply themselves to the question/problem that is presented to them.

2. Go for it!

We all know what our weaknesses - some students get so caught up in the memorising of text that they forget to stop and test themselves - what I mean by testing yourself is to explain the area of law you have been studying that day. It may mean explaining it to a friend. It is so important to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Pick up a past paper and work with it - rather than being too scared to pick it up as you fear the realisation that you perhaps need to invest more time into your studies as there are big gaps. Work with your fears and weaknesses rather than against them! Go for it!

3. Plan Ahead

As soon as you get your course material - the planning process needs to commence! I must stress the importance of this. As you all know, this is my passion and I am here to support you all in the process of bespoke timetable planning. A work life balance can be mastered!

4. Self care

Making time for yourself is so important. We get so overwhelmed with the goal that we forget the fun stuff. Meeting friends, yoga, cooking, baking, listening to music can all be factored into the 'master plan' of a work life balance routine.

Need more help than a cuppa can provide? then get in touch and we can work together at working out a plan of action that suits you! Remember there are many learning methods that can be used to help facilitate the learning process.

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