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Being our true authentic self in an overwhelming world…

In today's overwhelming and stressful world, our mental well-being is often neglected. It's no surprise that we face alarmingly high rates of anxiety, depression. Many of which originate from deep emotional wounds left from childhood, broken relationships, or other forms of trauma. Without realising, this is present in your present daily lives in how we think and conduct tasks.

One self care practice that can aid in healing is self-awareness and exploring your thoughts and emotions. By listening to your innermost self and developing mindfulness, you can identify triggers, patterns, and areas that may need loving attention and care. This is an important step towards creating a stronger sense of peace, clarity, and balance in the face of life's challenges.

Journaling is a powerful tool for promoting self-reflection. When we put our feelings and experiences into words, we actively listen to our minds, hearts, and souls, creating alignment with our true selves. Writing is a courageous step towards understanding our wounds and grief, opening the door for healing. This healing might manifest as forgiveness, acceptance, letting go, self-love, or trust. It's a very personal journey.

Set aside time each day or week to journal freely and authentically. Reflect on your successes, setbacks, feelings, fears, growth, and desires, gaining insight into your inner world and uncovering patterns that may impact your mental well-being.

As always, I am always here to listen and support.


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