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Why is planning so important?

Planning makes perfect

Study planning is important as it allows you to be more efficient with your study time, relieves stress and helps you to retain more information. Organisation is key - organise your study, your mind, and make a difference to your results....

When searching for quotes about planning and preparation, you will probably find something along the lines of “A goal without a plan is just a wish,” or “Never begin the day until it is finished on paper.” While both of these sayings are true to some degree, there are different methods of planning your study schedule that I work with as a Study Mentor, just as there are many different students I help that each have different styles of working. This is why it is so im[ortant to book your consultation call with me - this will help me to establish your individual style as well as helping you to create an effective study schedule or study timetable plan.

How you plan your studies is so important to get you to the end goal. At Merinda's Mentoring and Study Services, the main focus is on Learning How To Learn, using powerful mental tools to help my students to study, as well as helping students to understand that knowing how to prepare your mindset before taking detailed notes is key. Knowing what you are planning to study and setting aside efficient time to complete these studies will save you so much time and stress - it will help you to stop procrastinating, plus you can plan ahead when it comes to getting any additional materials ready that you may need to use alongside your studies.


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