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Learning how to learn- Powerful Mental Tools

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

We spend years of our lives attending school, college and further education but there are many skills missing from our curriculum. One of them being the skill of learning how to learn.

As a mentor, I have seen first hand the results from students who are bogged down with content not knowing where or how to start.

I use many methods in my approach, which I have developed throughout the years of my own personal study and that as a mentor working closely with students.

The Learning by teaching effect has been demonstrated in many of my student’s success stories and one of my favourite methods that I still use today with many of my students.

How you plan your studies is so important to get you to the end goal. However, also even more importantly is the methods you use to make connections with the content you are reading which then allows you to develop an understanding of the subject you are wanting to become an expert in. Sometimes learning how to learn is the biggest battle. #studymentor #keepuptodate #learning #mentor #exams #revision #learningmethods #learningstyles #goals #student #highereducation #education #learnhowtolearn #progress #mentoring

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