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One to one mentoring for an organised study experience.

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I have been mentored by Merinda for a few months now and the difference she has made to my studies is tremendous! I had no structure to my studying before and with a Merinda’s help I felt confident in having a structured plan to work towards. Merinda motivated and inspired me to work hard and I would highly recommend her to anyone. 


I am Merinda, a Study Mentor with a passion to work alongside my students in every aspect of their study and life journey

If you are feeling anxious about your current studies or your career path, I am here to advise, guide and support you throughout your  journey. I believe every student is unique and we all have different styles of learning. We all come from different backgrounds and our needs are all different. Here at MD Mentor & Study Services every student is treated as an individual and what one student needs may be very different to the next. 

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A detailed bespoke timetable plan in accordance with your course material and study goal.


Whether you are studying for GCSE's or a degree, I will help you to establish which study package is right for you.


One to One weekly support. This includes a bespoke timetable & weekly support throughout the course right up to the exam, including revision methods designed with the individual student in mind.

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