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Welcome To My New Mentoring Website

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

At Merinda's Study and Mentoring service I pride myself in providing the best service possible for my students, so it seemed natural to team up with a Web Design company who had the same values. I have kicked off the year with not only more students signing up to my monthly study support packages, but with a new digital platform for my students to interact with each other and access valuable resources that will support them on their journey to a more organised and efficient study plan.

Signpost Media are a Web Design Company based in Cambridgeshire, and they have designed websites for other local Businesses that I work closely with, so came highly recommended. When it came to the look and feel of the website, I wanted to ensure that people knew that at Merinda's Mentoring Services I am here to help, and not to judge. I wanted everyone who visited the site to be able to easily find the information they needed regarding study plans and studying advice, and that when they left my Mentoring Services website they felt more relaxed than when they began their search.

I understand how stressful studying can be, which is why with Merinda's Mentoring and Study Services I wanted to ensure that I could provide helpful tools to combat this. At Signpost Media they understood the stress and complications involved in designing a new website and setting up a new Business, so it was a great partnership based on mutual respect and understanding of small Business owners.

I look forward to welcoming the student commuity to my fabulous new website, and to each other. You can contact me here if you're a student who would like help with their study plan and study methods. I can't wait to help you with your studying journey!

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