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Attention June Exam Takers!

With exams just around the corner, it is all about focus and building on the foundation you have worked on during the learning phase. Many of my students are gearing up for their exams in June.

 For non - coaching students who are needing some extra support in the weeks leading up to the exam, I am now offering a one off revision consultation for £10. To book a session please do contact me direct.

Working with me: I now have students registering with me for future exams…

What does my one to one coaching include?

 24/7 support with a full management plan at the very beginning of your course to map out month to month. Weekly check- ins (daily if needed) and a Monthly Management call to check in on learning methods and progress. (I generally contact my students daily and often reply within the hour…sometimes minutes!). My accountability is intense….but it is an investment you make to receive results! It is a mentoring partnership.

 The Student Law Toolkit- Gain exclusive access to strategies, and insights to excel in your studies and future career. Providing learning tools.

 Life coaching support throughout -to include career development and emotional daily support throughout.

The above full coaching package is an investment of £45 per month (£11.25 a week).

If you would like to book a consultation and work with me please do contact me via my website:

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