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What should I do now?

I have already had several enquiries from students that are unhappy with their further education exam results, and students who are wondering how to improve their grades in the future. It helps to remember that even top students who usually excel academically, can sometimes find themselves underperforming. Sometimes when students find themselves in this situation, it’s because they are stuck and are unsure of what path to take to improve. If this sounds like you, then the first step to take is to figure out the 'why' before taking the next step of working out how best to tackle the problem. Has your performance been lower than expected across all subjects, or all assessments? Or is there a particular area that you seem to struggle with? Is there a pattern that seems to be developing? This is something that I can help you to figure out. An integral part of Merinda's Mentoring Service, is helping you to form an improvement plan that can help you to achieve the grades that I know you are capable of achieving. However, I also understand that each and every one of my students are different and have different needs and ways of learning. So, my Mentoring Services are built to be bespoke to ensure you get the most out of your studying experience; whether you prefer to just pick up a few study tips and apply them yourself at home, or whether you prefer to have regular and consistent study support on a weekly basis.

For an informal chat feel free to message me via my webite.

Remember…this is a marathon not a race….

Keep going

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