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Ask yourself why you overcommit…..

Those who overcommit or overextend themselves risk exhaustion and burnout. Trust me I know first hand!! I spent years in this mindset!! When you feel overwhelmed by your commitments, examining why you take on so many obligations can help you understand your motivations. You might find it is fear of failure that is the driving force! To regain balance and clear your schedule, simplify your life by setting limits based on your personal priorities.

Identifying your priorities can be as simple as making two lists: one for essential activities like work, meditation, and exercise, and another for activities that are not directly related to your well-being.

While some items on the second list may bring you joy or passion, you might find that many are unnecessary. To simplify your schedule, consider eliminating activities that add little value to your life. You may need to ask for help, say no firmly, or delegate responsibilities to reduce these burdens. As you remove non-essential obligations that cause stress, serve no purpose, or prevent you from recharging, you will feel more energetic and enthusiastic about life.

If simplifying your schedule seems challenging and you still feel compelled to take on more, try visualising how each new commitment will affect your life before agreeing to it. Recognising the hassle of unnecessary obligations might reveal that your busy schedule hinders your personal growth. By gradually reducing your commitments, you'll regain control over your life and feel more empowered.

For help and guidance in really creating that plan that works (to factor in your busy life obligations) feel free to get in touch.

(Daily Om)

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