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How to still achieve life goals when you suffer from anxiety...

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

There are two differences between periods of high stress and chronic stress and anxiety. Stress may show up as feelings of overwhelm at the end of the day when the to do list has not really changed. With anxiety it may show up as panic attack feelings.

Sometimes high functioning anxiety is present in high achievers as they are always looked at by others as being on top of their game all the time - however internally they may be irritable, suffer from tension headaches that can last for days if not months and their minds never stop with the racing thoughts. They are often people pleasers! Someone suffering from anxiety can be good at hiding this as they use work as a focus. I have been in this position before which is why I am so passionate to help others.

I work with many clients who are dealing with daily stresses, emotional upset at work and in their personal life. Holding down a job and doing it well alongside taking exams and achieving goals can be tough. This can be an extra stressful time for someone who suffers with anxiety. Anxiety if becomes ongoing can hold us back from achieving. I help many students find a different way of thinking and addressing worries and concerns. Just knowing someone else is there to speak to can make a world of difference. Someone not at work or directly associated with you.

  1. It can sometimes help to label the feeling by recognising it is just anxiety. This will help it feel less intense.

  2. Slow down and connect with your body. Yoga is a really good practice to get into as you instantly connect with the movements and stretches and it can really slow the mind down.

  3. Taking a step back - what is the bigger picture here. Learning to plan ahead is so important to create a work life balance. It is not easy and takes practice and sometimes having a mentor on board your journey can help make you accountable to goals and targets at a slower pace rather than feeling you have to do everything at once. Remember life is not a race it is a marathon and you WILL achieve your goals - it just needs a little mindset change.

How does anxiety impact memory?

The feeling of anxiety can sometimes raise levels of adrenaline and your nervous system will feel out of balance. This can then take over any concentration and you are unlikely to process information or store the information in your long term memory. This is really only a brief note as to how anxiety can effect all sorts of areas in life. It is really important to get help and support. Even if it is just to talk worries through with someone. You do not need to suffer alone.

For any help and support you can visit my website

Take care and remember to talk.

M xx

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